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Lawrence Whitehead

Lawrence Whitehead wrote his first choral piece, Creator alme siderum, for Harmonia Sacra in 2010. Since then he has created two additional works for us, Christe redemptor omnium and Veni Sancte Spiritus. Lawrence's choral writing is fresh, inspired and ethereal, and not only captures the very essence of the texts he chooses, but also gives great pleasure to the singers, from whom his gritty and evocative harmonies send shivers down the spine. We are truly delighted to be associated with such a talented young British composer. 

Lawrence at The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Bristol, December 2012


Veni Sancte Spiritus

The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Bristol

December 2012

Creator alme siderum

St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol

May 2012


Harmonia Sacra performing new work, Christe redemptor omnium composed by Lawrence Whitehead, for Harmonia Sacra at The Church of St Thomas the Martyr, Bristol (Dec 2011) 

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